How I Work


How I Work


Instant Appeal

Good products are objects that are instantly appealing and feels good to use, makes the user feel proud to use it and more connected to it.

My products must possess this instant appeal, along with good usability, and this is the starting point for all my designs.

Design Approach

I always strive to find a visual concept that feels both classic and contemporary; contemporary to make sure the product feels fresh, and classic to make sure its shape has the characteristics to last for more than a season.

In a world of minimal and scraped to the bone design, I focus on making my design proportional and harmonious, even if this means not taking the shortest line between two points.

Hammershøi grinder small H130_Low resolution JPG_303316.jpg


In It For The Long Run

I prefer to create lasting relationships with my clients. Instead of dictating my style to their brand, I seek a dialogue-based approach and begin new collaborations by researching their core values.

I use the values found to help the client redefine their story to the contemporary world through new products that bare evident links to their heritage and their vision for the future.

This approach creates products that evokes memories and feelings when used, and are easily understood by clients, sales team and end users.

Material Concious

Material Concious.JPG

The choice of picking the right material for any design object we use or touch every single day, is very important.

Whether it is using the clients core material or suggesting a complimentary material – I always strive to be careful and conscious of the meaning, effects and cost this could add to the project.


Design Process

The studio has a highly model based design process, where rapid prototyping and modelmaking are an integral part of the process, combined with hand sketching, drafting and renderings.

This ensure that all considerations work out in the sketches as well as in real life.