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Hammershøi Vases


Hammershøi Vases


Kähler, 2015/2016

The Hammershøi vase range consists of four vases, H100, H125, H200 and H250 (mm) avaliable in eight colors, White, Antracite, Petrol, Mint, Rose, Plum, Jade green and Indigo Blue. 

The vases have a beautiful, little collar around the neck which, together with the grooves and the vase's harmonious idiom, elongates fresh flowers so that they become one with elegant ceramics. All vases work well in compositions with each other, or as single pieces, and can be used for a wide variety of flowers. 

In the design I have studied the details and proportions of Svend Hammershøis old Kähler vases, then remixed and distilled some of these features together with my own lines to create the simultaneously classic and modern vase design. 

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